Top 10 Best Supplements For Weight Loss This Summer

Weight loss and weight gain are two different ways to approach supplements. Contrary to popular belief you cannot really do both at the same time unless you are taking extreme supplements like steroids or growth hormones.

However we will not be covering that today or ever on this site as we only cover NATURAL supplements and we will cover the best vegan pre-workout also!

Without further a due here is the 10 best supplements for weight loss

  1. Whey protein – Low in carbs and high in protein. Perfect for weight loss.
  2. Caffeine – Believe it or not most supplements actually include caffeine in it, but you can easily just make your own cup of coffee. Just remember not to add milk or sugar!
  3. Green tea extract – Similar to Coffee green tea has caffeine in it too, with similar slimming attributes.
  4. Glutamine –  This is critical to keep your energy levels high while you are cutting back your calories.
  5. Hydroxycitric acid – This comes from an Asian plant and is very good to speed up your metabolism.
  6. Pepper –  Pepper has been proven to increase your metabolism by up to 25% two hours after eating them.
  7. Vitamin D –  As many people are deficient in vitamin D it is critical to take this too. If you levels are off your body will not function properly.
  8. Chitosan – This contains natural fiber which is critical during a diet.
  9. Olive leaf extract – You will find this in broccoli and many natural vegetables and it is full of anti-oxidents.
  10. Chromium – This seems a bit left of field but it is a huge hunger suppressant stopping you eating lots of foods!

So as you can tell by the list these can all be bought on a budget and are all VERY natural. These will not only help you lose weight but will also help with your overall health.

Now remember taking the right food is only half the battle, the proportions that you take them in and the exercise you do while you diet is another big part of the puzzle! We will cover this in a new post soon.

Although fitness required for weightloss is a different conversation we recommend the following home gym products:

1) Home Spin Bike

2) Inversion Table

3) Home Rowing Machine

Remember to stay strong and eat healthy 🙂