The best dog food for chocolate lab puppies

The Chocolate lab (known as the chocolate Labrador retriever) is a rare Labrador breed that occasionally appears in litters of Labrador puppies. If you are lucky enough to have one then you know that you want to treat it properly.

So before we get into the food you should feed them lets have a quick look at their history.

Lab History

  • Originally recognized by the Kennel Club in England in 1903 and then later by the AKC in January of 1917.
  • However the history is older than when they were first recognized. It is guessed that a couple of rich Englishman a century earlier breed them at the turn of 1800s.
  • Then later they were imported into North America.
  • First Labradors were black with some of the dogs carrying a genetically dormant gene required to produce chocolate puppies.
  • Sadly most that came out chocolate were put down as they were not liked at the time.

What is the best food for a chocolate lab puppy?

So in reality the color of your lab will not impact the food that it needs. Now a puppy lab will need different food to a fully grown lab. So lets look at the particular food needed for a lab puppy.

Our top 3 recommendations:

  • Royal Canin Breed Specific Labrador Puppy. This one comes in at number 1 and is our favorite by a long shot. It is specifically tailored to Labs and puppies. What more could you ask for? It has a high protein level to help you puppy grow and most of it comes from chicken which means it is natural.It also has corn gluten, brewers rice and both of these ingredients are very important for your puppies health. If you go on amazon you will see they rate this product very highly.


  • Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food. This can be easily bought on amazon or at your local pet store and won’t break the bank. These guys take trheir product very seriously and have developed food for specific sized dogs and also the stage of their life. To make them even more impressive they even are inspected by European and United States inspectors annually to ensure their products are 100%.


  • Hills Science Large Breed Puppy. Now this brand is for those on a budget, it has no bells and whistles but still has great materials used in the final product. They are not best known for having the top quality ingredients but they are close. They are also a dry food specialist and contain some products that can help boost your puppies immune system. On top of that they have a lot of fiber inside which can help your dog live longer!


Overall these 3 brands are what we view as the top. They are all natural no GMO‘s and they won’t break your bank. There are numerous other dog food brands around for a lab puppy, however they may be risky unless they have a lot of top rated reviews on Amazon.

Did you like our top 3 rated list? What do you feed your lab puppy?