Healthy Foods Hawai'i

Part of the Healthy Living in the Pacific- Healthy Pacific Child Program project)
Principal Investigator: Rachel Novotny, PhD

The Healthy Stores strategies being used in the Apache Healthy Stores and Baltimore Healthy Stores projects will inform the store-based component of a new project, Healthy Living in the Pacific- Healthy Pacific Child Program (HLPI-HPCP).

This four-year, multi-institutional project seeks to improve nutritional status and prevent overweight among children in the US-affiliated Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Guam, Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, American Samoa, and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) through school, community, and store-based approaches.

Led by Rachel Novotny, PhD, of the University of Hawaii, the project will also involve researchers and health experts in nutrition, public health, epidemiology, and anthropology from other universities, community colleges, and departments of health and non-profit agencies. Joel Gittelsohn, PhD, will lead the Healthy Foods Hawai’i project as part of this multi-disciplinary effort.

Specific objectives of HLPI-HPCP are to:

    1. Design and test dietary assessment instruments to be used to target, develop and evaluate nutrition related intervention programs for children.
    2. Develop and test a Healthy Foods intervention program centered on food stores and local food systems to improve production, preparation, sales and consumption of healthy foods by Pacific Islander children and their families.

Gittelsohn J, Qi M, Cheung LW, Davison N, Ramirez V and Novotny R. “Caregiver psychosocial influences on child food perceptions and consumption in multi-ethnic Hawaii,” (Submitted to Ethnicity and Health, May 2008).

Gittelsohn J, Vijayadeva V, Davison N, Ramirez V, Cheung LWK, Murphy S and Novotny R. (2010) “A food store intervention trial improves caregiver and child food-related psychosocial factors and behaviors in Hawaii,” Obesity, Feb;18(n1s):S84-S90.

Novotny R, Vijayadeva V, Ramirez V, Lee SK, Davison N, Gittelsohn J. (2011) “Healthy Foods Hawaii: Development and implementation of a food system intervention to prevent childhood obesity in rural Hawaii,” Hawaii Medical Journal, 70(7): 42-47.

Rachel Novotny, Vinutha Vijayadeva, John Grove, Joel Gittelsohn, Joanne Avila, Yuhua Su, Suzanne Murphy. Ethnic disparities in dietary intake among Native Hawaiian and Filipino children and caregivers in Hawaii. (Manuscript submitted to Journal of the American Dietetic Association, April 2011).



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