Potty Pad Training Your Dog In 2018 – Has It Changed?

Dog has been mans best friend for centuries if not for thousands of years so how could anything new come from 2018? Well although dog has been mans best friend for a long time, the modern age has brought about a different environment for humans and dogs alike. Potty training is very different when you have a big house and big backyard but what about the modern day dog owner that lives in a small apartment building where everything is digitized?

The answer recently come to dogs living in city apartments through the use of potty pads for potty training. They are not like kids diapers but they are a mat used on the floor that a dog can pee on. Basically the dog industry saw the trend of apartments and the need for cleaning up a mess when the dog is being potty trained and came up with these pads.

So what changed in 2018? More than anything the industry got competition, and today the price of the best dog pee pads has dropped significantly. The quality has also gone up a lot; they can absorb more fluids, dogs find them easier to use and the odor has been reduced also.

Before we discuss the top potty pee pad brands of 2018 lets look at potty training further.

Key steps to potty training with pee pads

  1. Restrict your dogs access to the home/apartment.¬†Obviously if you have an apartment this is not easy. However try to keep your dog on a leash with you, in a dog crate on an easy to clean floor, meaning avoid carpet if possible. If your dog looks like it is about to go to the toilet, say ‘toilet’ or any word you want to associated with going to the toilet. Then quickly take your dog to the area where the pee pad is set up and let it do its business.
  2. Make sure the dog is only given access to where it can pee, when it is properly potty trained you can give the dog access to other areas of the house.
  3. Do not punish the dog for making mistakes. The puppy is young and will make mistakes, but punishing it will only confuse the dog further.
  4. If you cannot look after the dog full time make sure it is kept in a small room with the pee pads covering the floor. This way the puppy will naturally pee on the pads and get used to it. If this is done for a week or so by the time the dog has access to other parts of the house, very likely it will seek out the pee pads to go to the bathroom. Dogs are incredible smart creatures and will learn very quickly, they also don’t like to pee where they live – this is an instinct they have.
  5. Now that your dog is peeing on the pee pads, the next step is to take more of the pee pads away. This can easily be done day by day and slowly moving them outside and remembering to take you dog outside to the pee area when they need to go. All up this should take no longer than 2-3 weeks.

Overall the trick is to do it slowly and if any step takes longer than expected just go back a step and slow down. Your dog will love you more for it and life will be less stressful.

Top 2 Pee Pads in 2018 worth Getting

The top pee pads are all on the pet section of amazon, in 2018 there is hardly a better place to by dog health products. Even the top dog companies (like Mars Petcare) are on selling most of their products on Amazon. Our top 3 are:

  1. Mednet Direct 6 Layer Dog Training and Puppy Pads РAt less than $50 and you get 6 of them it is hard to go past this famous brand.  They are very absorbent, very big and made of top quality. Suitable for big and small dogs alike.
  2. Rocket & rex Washable Pee Pads for Dogs РAt only $25 this is a very cheap pee pad, however you only get 4 of them. They are designed for bigger dogs and are reusable if you want to clean them.  Best of it is a natural product which we are big fans of at healthystores.org