Health Supplements To Improve Rowing

All sportsman to some degree are taking supplements to enhance their game. Now we do not mean that every sportsman or woman is taking steroids or human growth hormone, we mean basic supplements that give an edge to their sport.

Unlike bodybuilding being extremely heavy is of no use to a rower. More specifically there are only a small amount of muscles in the body that are actually used in rowing and depending on the length of a rowing race stamina may be more important than short burst energy.

With that being said some of the best supplements are those that can be used when you are training. From using a good rowing machine at home or doing it on the water our list below are our top 3 supplements for rowers:

Top 3 supplements for Rowers:

  1. Whey protein. It is another source of critical protein which will supplement what you get in your diet. It is generally recommended for rowers to have 0.7-1g / lb of body weight. It should slightly help you ‘get big’ and develop your peak power, but that’s it.]
  2. Creatine is found in food but your body can utilize more by taking creatine supplements.  It helps your bodies recovery time and can help prevent over training. It can also cause kidney problems if you don’t drink enough, so make sure you stay hydrated.  Read the creatine and rowing study here.
  3. BCAA is a branched-chain amino acid supplement which can really help in weight loss. This can be critical for power to weight ratios needed with rowing.

Overall the 3 supplements mentioned can all help give you a tiny extra boost although the research show marginal results.  However if you combine Whey protein, creatine and BCAA’s while training and dieting properly any rower should be able to see maximum gains. The best part is these are all completely safe and legal substances to take!

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